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Accurate Roof Trusses


Accurate Roof Trusses is family owned and run business that has operated since 1983. We cater for all building needs from the smallest home renovation to larger commercial building. We are dedicated to providing a professional approach to service and producing a product of utmost quality, we stand by our name, service and product.


I-BeamHanger FaceFix (IBH)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.2mm thickness
$6.01 incl tax

Cyclone Tie - Stainless Steel

304-2B, 0.9mm thickness (600mm)
$6.84 incl tax

45 Degree JoistHanger (GTB)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.0mm thickness
$10.66 incl tax

Girder Bracket (GTB)

FastFit MkIII 40mm
$7.93 incl tax