Accurate Roof Trusses carries an extensive rage of the following :- 

  • Nails (Standard 70mm to 90mm, Galvanised 70mm to 90mm – common for costal areas, Gas recharges)
  • Screws (Bugle screws for roof batten, Flooring screws)
  • Other (Flooring Glue, Stud Straps, Hoop Iron - Angle Bracing, Joist hangers- Extensive range of different sizes)
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45 Degree JoistHanger (GTB)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.0mm thickness
$10.66 incl tax

BattenTie (TIE)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.0mm thickness (for 75mm timber)
$0.89 incl tax

BearingPlate (GTB)

G250 steel, 6.0mm thickness - Hot dipped galvanized or electroplated (130mm x 80mm x 6mm)
$11.39 incl tax

Boomerang Connector (NOP)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.2mm thickness (152mm x 200mm)
$5.86 incl tax

BraceWall Bracket (GTB)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.55mm thickness (35mm)
$3.66 incl tax

Concealed Purlin Cleat (TIE)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.5mm thickness (85mm x 80mm x 28mm)
$2.29 incl tax

CreeperConnector (NOP)

G300 Steel, Z275, 1.0mm thickness
From $2.31 incl tax

Cyclone Tie - Stainless Steel

304-2B, 0.9mm thickness (600mm)
$6.84 incl tax